Local craftwork and
global industry linked
by customization.


Mutant dispensers


The Mutants Series consists of four craft ceramic dispensers
which adapt to thousands of industrial 
glass bottles to turn
them into unique and functional oil & sugar dispensers.
Customization as a call to the innate creativity that we all
carry on. The appropriation of the environment elements as
a footprint from an ancestral ritual. An up-cycling exercise
to find an emotional game at the folds of the object function.


For any beer, water
or soft drink bottle,
among others.

(These bottles have
aproximately the same
hole diameter 

4 models and
a great range of
colours and


The drop falls back
into the bottle through 
the slot of the corck.

The sugar & spices model
allows to dosify the content. 
The bevel shape of the brass
tube makes it possible.

All the shapes of the “Mutants” 
series have a funnel geometry. 
Putting them upside down the double 
function comes up to fullfill the 
bottle easily.

– Jacobsen

– Ho-Xi-Mini

– Sex Toy

– Molotov

Until our shop is ready
you can find all the Mutants
dispensers here: